5 Cheap and Cheerful January Destinations

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Britain in January is decidedly miserable.  The merriment of the festive season has faded, New Year’s Day was spent in a state of hungover confusion, and you’ve already suspended all of your resolutions until February.  Survival is the name of the game.  So, what better way to get you through the grey days than a cheap and cheerful escape?  We’ve put together (with the help of our good friend, Skyscanner) a list of our top 5 destinations to help you beat those January blues. 

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Return flights:

From Edinburgh – £23

From London – £19 

We know that Copenhagen isn’t renowned for being cheap upon arrival but when the flights are this ridiculously affordable, can you really say no to this wintry escape?  Visit the famous Little Mermaid statue, stroll around the highly Instagrammable Nyhavn area or wrap up warm for a canal cruise.  Just make sure to stay topped up on hot beverages (or something stronger). 


Return flights:

From Edinburgh – £22 

Return Eurostar from London – £58 

Known for its Christmas markets, Brussels in January can still be pretty special.  Visit the Grand Place, wander around the numerous art galleries and museums, and indulge in some of the finest waffles in all of Europe (apparently). 


Return flights:

From Edinburgh – £25 

From London – £25

When the flights are this reasonable, who could say no to a holiday in Berlin?  I went a few years ago and it was the cheapest holiday I’ve ever been on, with public transport in particular being efficient and inexpensive. If the weather isn’t fantastic, make sure to visit Libeskind’s Jewish Museum and, of course, the Reichstag’s dome. 


Return flights:

From Edinburgh – £49 

From London – £23

A destination growing rapidly in popularity, Krakow has some beautiful Christmas markets which are set to last into the first week of January.  Everyone seems to enjoy the magical quality of Krakow, with its tradition of folklore and enchanting history.  There is also a rumour that the city is home to the best hot chocolate in the world.  Book your flights now. 


Return flights:

From Edinburgh – £43

From London – £20

Venice has made the list due to a January visit being an alternative way of seeing this usually overcrowded and overheated city.  You will be able to find inexpensive accommodation as well as getting a taste for local life, with the canals being relatively empty in comparison to the summer season. 

No matter where you travel this winter season, make sure to do it safely. The UK Foreign Office’s Travel Awarecampaign has helpful guidance and key information for students and young people to ensure that your travels go smoothly and safely. For more information about travelling abroad, with country-specific advice and entry requirements, insurance tips and general travel guidance, visit https://travelaware.campaign.gov.ukand follow @travelawareon Instagram. 


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