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It all began over a cup of tea. Founders of Owl Eyes, Nina and Tamara were sat one summer afternoon watching Stephen Fry’s Bright Young Things and sipping their cups of green tea, mulling over how wonderful it would be to live in the 1930s. When life seemed so much simpler, dancing was better, fashion more appealing and everyone wore a hat.

They came up with an idea to launch a new magazine that embodies that Hogwarts-like existence we all picture in our heads before we enter our first year at St Andrews; of cold winter nights tucked away in a cosy pub, of cobbled streets and stone archways, of 12th century traditions, the sea air and the sound of clinking wine-glasses with friends.

As we are so frequently told, print journalism is sadly soon to be a thing of the past; online publications are the future. This is why Owl Eyes is a solely online publication – moving forward with the changing times, yet still retaining what we love about the past: old books, hand-drawn illustrations, swing dancing, jazz music, old-fashioned cocktails. With the help of a talented student web designer called Lewis, this became a reality.

Owl Eyes are strong believers in the philosophy that if it looks good, you’re far more likely to read it. This is why our primary focus is to combine the aesthetically pleasing with the best of St Andrews’ writers.

Working with students, societies and businesses across the town, Owl Eyes wants to bring you the latest event photographs, engaging articles that teach you something new, guides and tips on where to eat, drink, dance, travel and live out your four years at St Andrews. Because time is short and before you know it, your time here will be done… Owl Eyes: Up all night. Out all day.


owl • eyes   |aʊl aɪz |    noun

1. a character in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby

2. a symbol of insight and perception into society

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