On the Pebbles: Watercolour Workshop

On a cold, blustery November evening, the On the Pebbles watercolour workshop provided a warm haven of creativity and conviviality. 

The Next Door brasserie was a suitably-intimate space. It was a little crowded but this only contributed to the cosy, chatty atmosphere. Long tables were decked with paper, brushes and watercolour paints, along with bunches of dried flowers for inspiration. Novices and experts alike fully entered into the spirit of the event, producing a wide variety of artwork. 

Photography: Britton Struthers

An unexpected twist to the evening was the artistically-themed drinks menu, offering cocktails such as ‘show me the monet’ and ‘get michelangelow’…

The whole evening was accompanied by live music from student musicians; the relaxed, acoustic tunes undoubtedly set the tone of the event and got everyone’s creative juices flowing. Caroline and Blaine sung sweet harmonies with perfect pitching, and Kai Hewitt’s set towards the end of the evening had people humming along to well-loved classics.

Photography: Britton Struthers

As 10pm came around, the room was still filled with relaxed and happy painters: it was clear that nobody wanted to leave. The event was once again testimony to the excellent organisation and creativity of the On the Rocks team. We are sincerely looking forward to what they come up with next!

Preview: On the Pebbles

As we collectively drown in Week 11 deadlines, find respite On The Pebbles with a jam-packed day of arts and culture. This appropriately-named launch event is in anticipation of On the Rocks, the largest student-run arts festival in Scotland, which will take place next April. 

For the ecologically-minded amongst us, there is a Clothes Upcycling seminar taking place at the Barron Theatre between 12-3pm, in collaboration with ‘Sustainable Style’. For £3 you will be provided with all the materials needed to spice up your winter wardrobe.

If you are looking to relax and rewind, Jazzworks will provide soothing tunes from 7pm in Sandy’s Bar, to be followed with Stand-Up from the St Andrews Comedy Society. A £3 ‘Sandy’s Pass’ will get you access to both.

One event Owl Eyes is particularly looking forward to is the Watercolour Workshop, an evening of painting and live music at the ‘Next Door’ brasserie on South Street, from 8pm.

If that wasn’t enough, consider dropping into the Music Café at Jannetta’s Gelateria, an art exhibition at the new Combini Café or enjoy some pop-up acapella performances at surprise locations throughout the town.

Offering an eclectic mix of events at a number of locations around town, On the Pebbles looks to be a promising day, ahead of the highly-anticipated On the Rocks festival in April. Details of all events taking place this Saturday 15th November can be found at the here