Guide to Halls: Andrew Melville

As first impressions go, it wasn’t encouraging. It looked like a battered, granite coloured, front panorama of a ship that had snapped off and been abandoned in the middle of a field. Some would even go as far as saying that it looked like a prison. Next to New Hall, however, that would seem a slight exaggeration. It wasn’t much better looking on the inside either. But that didn’t matter in the slightest, the people who lived there more than made up for what the hall lacked in décor and modern comforts.

Apparently it’s also sinking about 5mm a year and that it won a design award in the 1940’s. They say a man used to come every year since the award had been won, photographing the buildings aging process. The big hump, just outside the front door, is a tractor that apparently broke down and wasn’t removed. Whoever was in charge simply decided that the best way to dispose of it would be to cover it up… but such is myth and legend.

Pros: The hall itself might be falling apart, but the people that lived there were top notch, including future flat-mates and people I see on a daily basis.

Cons: Single beds aren’t ideal, neither is sharing a bathroom. The staff are quite literally ‘heating Nazis’, so it’s best to invest in a solid blanket or five come winter.

Beware of… the banana-courgette soup. It may sound exotic but it really is one to be avoided.

Eat: something – your food is being cooked for you, so don’t complain too loudly. It’s not the best, but the kitchens give you a chance to hone your own culinary skills if you’re that unhappy.

Nearest watering hole: Are you joking? There isn’t really any nearby. Pre-gaming is always a good idea if you’re heading out – it considerably shortens the walk at any rate.

Quality of rooms: They are a bit boxy and small but it really makes you appreciate having a flat in second year. Plus, you won’t be spending that much time in your room with so much going on. We are all students after all.

Don't miss… the ridiculous amount of rabbits around the hall – it’s hard not to. Word of warning, don’t play football out front unless you want to tear three ligaments in your ankle. The lake is definitely worth exploring too. 

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