Guide to Halls: Eden Court

One of the most elusive halls in St Andrews, Eden Court is the annexe to McIntosh Hall, tucked away on The Scores with most bedrooms having simply the best views over West Sands in the whole university. With only twenty residents, it can feel a little small for newcomers but the central location makes up for it. Meals are served in McIntosh Hall across the road, so running over in your pyjamas becomes mandatory.

Pros:  The sea views really are idyllic, as is the beautiful old building itself. It's central location is a definite bonus, plus it feels more like large student house rather than a hall of residence.

Cons: The majority of residents have to share a room and there are no en-suites. Minimal cooking facilities also proved a problem, as there was no oven, just a microwave. If you have the room next to the Common Room, you will never get any sleep.

Beware of… the haggis-stuffed chicken!

Eat: Camembert Bites – the best food McIntosh has to offer. Don’t forget to get second helpings when the bell rings.

Nearest watering hole: Ma Bells is practically next door and Catch is just across the road.

Quality of Rooms: Six out of the fourteen rooms face right onto the sea, looking across The Scores. However, the rooms with the best views are usually shared between two people.

Don’t miss… free Pimm’s at the McIntosh Summer Party and sunbathing on the private patio.

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