Guide to Halls: Fife Park

Fife Park is the best place to simultaneously save money and make friends, live in a concrete box and befriend the woodlice in your shower. And maybe your new, international housemates too. Whilst it is the furthest away from the centre of town (not including Dundee), it is also one of the most affordable halls of residence in the university.

Pros: Being able to afford the rest of student life, thanks to low rent with bills included. You do also get to learn what St Andrews looks like beyond Market St, and there is always friendly face or two at their kitchen windows to peer in at as you pass by.

Cons: Needing to leave at least fifteen minutes to get to lectures in time, unlike your friends in Sallies. Also trying to carry all your shopping home from town proves extremely difficult.

Beware of… other creatures sharing your shower and trying to cook in a kitchen not quite big enough for 6 people…

Eat: everything! Get to the Fife Park BBQ's earlier rather than later and enjoy meeting a hundred more neighbours you've never seen before. Also make the most of free lunches at the DRA bistro whenever they come your way.

Nearest watering hole: the DRA bistro is probably the closest to Fife Park. After that, it’s a walk into town until you hit The Whey Pat at the top of City Road, which serves easily the best nachos in town!

Quality of Rooms: They are a decent size with a single bed and all the essential furnishings. The rooms are easily to make homely with a few posters, photos and fairylights. One of the main bonuses is that there are no room inspections here!

Don't miss… the hall events! Living further out of town than most isn't a problem when there are so many of you, and the joint events for DRA and Fife Park are great for enjoying an even larger community. The DRA Ball is always a hit with other halls too (free ice cream!). Finally, don't forget that 15mins into town always feels well worth it by the end of the night.

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