Guide to Halls: John Burnet

You might feel lonely at first in John Burnet, particularly if you’ve been placed in the Annexe, but don’t be afraid to venture out! You’ll soon find your niche and realise all John Burnet-ians are subjected to the same nasty food, destructive drunks and pounding hangovers, warranting long walks along the nearby West Sand for fresh air.

Pros: John Burnet is close to the golf course, gym and beach. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a great view from your bedroom window.

Cons: The food is pretty horrible and the electricity is turned off in the kitchen during the week, leaving you with few culinary options. Time to head to town for a takeaway.

Beware of… Nosey maids turning you in for “violating safety codes” or coming into your room on that awkward ‘morning after’.

Eat: anything but the hall food; it’s barely edible, particularly if you are a vegetarian. The salad bar is a redeeming feature but only open occasionally. Instead, try one of the nearby restaurant including The Jigger Inn, Bibi’s Café, the Russack’s Hotel and The One Under.

Nearest watering hole: 1 Golf Place is just opposite the 18th Hole. The One Under is a few minutes walk away, en route to St Andrews’ classiest hangout, The Lizard & Oak Rooms.

Quality of Rooms: The rooms in the Annexe are small with old carpet, but good heating and en-suite bathrooms are a bonus. The rooms in the Main Hall, however, have huge windows, high ceilings and crown molding!

Don’t miss… the annual trip to Fernie Castle.

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