Guide to Halls: McIntosh

McIntosh (or Chattan as it's sometimes known) is set in the lovely Georgian Abbotsford Crescent, linking onto the infamous Hope Street. With views onto the private garden at the centre of the road, known by students as the Cabbage Patch, it is one of the most picturesque halls in town. Rumour has it that the top floor was half burnt down years ago, creating the haunted top-floor corridor. 

Pros: The location – McIntosh is practically located in the centre of town, with West Sands nearby and several pubs and restaurants within sight of the front door. The layout of rooms means it's very easy to socialise without there being too many people, the small dining room is especially good for this. 

Cons: It's pretty far away from the Sports Centre and the food is renowned as being particularly stodgy. However, both of these though are hardly huge problems.

Beware of.. the cleaner with the Afro on B-Floor and the residents who live around the Cabbage Patch who like to moan when you're having fun. Needless to say, early morning fire alarms are also no fun.

Eat: Fish and Chips. 

Nearest watering hole: the Blue Stane (previously The Raisin) was once the primary McIntosh hang-out!

Don't miss… room parties and pre-drinking in halls! 

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