Guide to Halls: New Hall

Situated on the North Haugh, New Hall is the largest single building residence in the University. Playing the part of a Scottish hotel in the summer months, the rooms are modern and uniform, which lacks some of the character possessed by the other halls. However, it’s size means you meet all sorts of people and there is always something to do.

Pros: The rooms are large, modern, well-heated and have double beds, plus lots of storage and a TV. Most of the rooms aren’t shared and have en-suite bathrooms, which is pretty rare for University accommodation.

Cons: The food can be fairly grim, especially on weekends. The spacious kitchens have few appliances, proving very inconvenient. It’s size can make New Hall feel impersonal, and some feel the distance from town is just a little bit too far.

Beware of… setting off the fire alarms! You will have to stand outside in the cold for a substantial amount of time. Also don’t tamper with the vending machines, it’s “illegal”.

Eat: Panini Thursday!

Nearest watering hole: Either The Whey Pat or The Blue Stane.

Quality of Rooms: Very good. You might not get the palatial rooms that exist in other halls, but you won’t get a broom closet either.

Don’t Miss… place your matric card because there is tight security at night.

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