Guide to Halls: St. Regulus

One of the most central halls, St Regulus (or Regs) is well situated near the town centre. It is catered and most of the rooms are single rooms, although many are shared too. Regs is older than most of the out-of-town hall, meaning the facilities perhaps aren't as good as the more modern halls, but it certainly has a lot more character!

Pros: It's central location is ideal, plus with only about 200 residents, you quickly get to know everyone well. The ping-pong and table football in the Games Room is a definite bonus!

Cons: Like most halls, the food isn't great and dinner finishes at 6.30pm, so everyone is hungry again by 10pm! Breakfast is far too early and sadly, there isn't much of a Common Room…

Beware of… the ghoul that haunts room B-20….

Eat: Fish and Chips.

Nearest watering hole: The Criterion.

Quality of Rooms: They are really good quality. Whilst the rooms vary greatly in size (some are definitely better than others!), even the smaller ones are pretty decent. All the rooms have sinks too since the bathrooms are shared and floors are split into girls/boys.

Don't miss… the Regs Garden across the road on Queen's Gardens – so good on a hot sunny day and not many people use it for some reason!

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