Guide to Halls: St Salvator's

Halls are the great gamble. You sign up almost completely blind, only knowing the bare basics about each location – St Salvator's or Sallies, to those who live there, would never be a bad choice; it is a safe step away from the warm embrace of home. Who would turn down a hall that’s fit for a prince?

Pros: Sallies is very central, making it easy to stumble back to after a night out. It’s also home to some very friendly porters who will make you a cup of tea when you are pulling your first ever all-nighter. The dining hall is pretty impressive, decked out with stained-glass windows and grand portaits, Harry Potter-style.

Cons: Most rooms are shared, so pray you have a lovely roommate. The food is awful and there are fire alarms at crazy times of the night, both real (due to dodgy toasting skills) or practice drills.

Beware of… forgetting to change your bed linen on the assigned laundry day – you will be sleeping in old sheets for an extra week.

Eat: the Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni. Beware the strict meal combinations as angry dinner staff will publicly chastise you for even daring to pick up both pudding and a piece of fruit.

Nearest watering: The Central is just two minutes down the road.

Quality of Rooms: If you are lucky, you’ll have an amazingly large room with a bay window and tons of storage. However, be aware that this is a lottery you are entering in to. You could just as easily be placed in a less appealing abode, with much less space, that you must share with your other half (i.e. roommate). This obviously generates room jealousy that can taint a whole hall experience, if you are a particularly bitter person.

Don’t miss: The summer BBQ – a chance to relax and unwind on the lawn outside the hall with endless amounts of food and alcohol laid on for free by the lovely Hall Reps. 

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