Guide to Halls: University Hall

University Hall is one of the older halls in the university; originally an all-female college, it still retains a girls-only wing in the form of a fortified manor know as Wardlaw (or in my day, the Virgin Megastore). The Old Wing is also a old manor, which is attached to the much newer Lumsden Wing.

Pros: University Hall has the best spirit of any halls, plus the numerous free vodka bars are a great send off to wild fresher bops. The close atmosphere creates many lasting friendships. Corridor parties are a brilliant way to end the night.

Cons: Your food magically disappears constantly from the fridges, and pots seem to pile high in the kitchens. Also there are surprisingly no tables to eat your weekend meals at.

Beware of… Coin-operated laundry system and living in the T-junctions where corridor parties happen. If you do, invest in earplugs – they come in handy. 

Eat: everything! The food is pretty good and relatively healthy, although portions can sometimes be meagre. 

Nearest watering hole: The Jigger Inn, if you go cross country, but The Blue Stane is the easiest bet.

Quality of Rooms: Perfect – although the beds are quite small, it has exactly what you need and nothing more. Nobody really cares about posters, so go nuts – decorate, get a rug, put up pictures, hang £5 antique portraits from the auction house (seen this done), hang fairy lights, install speakers, whatever. It's your space for a year, it's only as bad as you let it be.

Don't miss: Vodka Bars! 

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