Ode to 601

Quarantine makes me think back to the bubble,

To raucous nights out with no shortage of trouble,

Most folk try the Vic or main bar to have fun,

But the best place in town is good old 601.

Both bop on a Friday and sinners midweek,

Our dear 601 is always trés chic,

Though often compared to a school disco hall,

Without it we would have no clubs at all.

Tinchy Stryder, Cascada and S Club 3, 

It has hosted many a celebrity,

They perform in St A to a chorus of cheers,

Despite having not been relevant for years.

The Freshers events – now they are iconic,

Especially after a few gins with tonic,

Though consistently lit, there can be the odd mare,

For every hot dub time machine there’s a clan warfare.

The tunes never fail to enthral and excite,

Cheesy throwbacks blasting out through the night,

From Cher, to Madonna, to Kylie, to Whitney,

Beyoncé, Shakira, a sprinkling of Britney! 

Nothing beats cutting mad shapes on the floor,

Boogieing, shimmying, slut drops galore,

When you’re feeling the vibes you just have to absorb it,

Looks like my wig has just gone into orbit!

Regardless if you have a deadline that’s due,

It is hard to resist a Pablo or two,

They taste just like juice and are highly effective,

At helping fulfil your desired objective.

When paid with contactless it really is funny,

How much you can drink without spending money,

Sometimes it backfires and people will stare,

But honey, don’t worry, we have all been there!

Living your truth and hanging with your pals,

The best way to boost collective morales,

There honestly is nothing I can condemn,

Except the fact it concludes at 2AM.

Post-601, it is time to get food,

A wee doner with chips and cheese is quite good,

Or when out on a Friday there’s no need to search,

Just grab 50p and run to toastie church.

A quick jaunt back home, then to prevent the sore head,

Down gallons of water in the comfort of bed,

It’s at this precise moment I really must say,

Justice for those who live in DRA.

Waking the next day in a state of distress,

Hoping and praying that you weren’t a mess,

The hangover likely got you feeling lazy,

Snapchat stories slap, if your memory’s hazy!

So why is 601 so extraordinary?

It’s the peak club experience – and that’s the tea.

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