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Review: Starfields 2019

As expected, this year’s Starfields saw FS deliver on all their promises of a fitting conclusion to Freshers’ week and summer 2019. 

Photography: Henry Memmott

Grumbles had been heard about the price of a ticket and upon arrival, not much seemed to have changed from previous years.  However, looking closer, the layout of the bar (it being central and square) was an excellent move by the committee.  This allowed for gin and tonics to be an easy and accessible delight for the masses, whilst also being served in recyclable vessels. A big tick from us. 

One addition this year was the presence of St Andrews’ beloved hairdresser Spoiled, who were doing glittered braids.  A simple idea but one which was well-received and had some fantastic-looking results, complimenting the general sea of Hawaiian shirts and sequinned skirts. 

Photography: Henry Memmott

Though there was no Blackhorn to be seen, the two stalls of sweet and savoury options were extremely popular and looked delicious.  Other areas included a beanbag space which worked less well, though we were pleased to note the availability of hydration in the form of kombucha, rather than plastic balls, in the ball pit.  

Photography: Henry Memmott

Of course, we should discuss the main event: the music.  The production was aesthetically pleasing, with light and smoke displays adding an impressive edge upon previous years’ events.  The music did not disappoint, providing dance classics to which one could throw many a shape, with ‘Rinse & Repeat’ DJ Riton’s set really getting the crowd going. 

Photography: Henry Memmott

All in all, we were very impressed, and the standards set by Starfields has us looking forward to what FS 2020 has to offer. 

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