Szentek: reviewed

This year Szentek truly established itself as the most exciting event in the St Andrews’ social calendar. In its fourth year running, Szentek transformed Kinkell Byre, creating an immersive, sensory experience and ultimately an insane party. The night was meticulously curated with world renowned DJs playing alongside student and local artists, as well as art installations. The results were explosive. 

When first walking into Kinkell, we were greeted by Room 3, which undoubtedly showcased how talented the students in this town are with Wax Collective, Copper Coil and Szentek’s resident DJs playing. Inside the venue, the Fife barn was brilliantly transformed by hanging murals and artworks, creating an ambiance that felt authentically raw and essentially underground. Personal highlights come in the form of a sculpture made from Tenants cans, and the digital art by Zmotionsz. Also, the one-off set with St Andrews’ own Max Dupa, accompanied by the live jazz and funk band, Two This for That, was incredible. The unique metamorphosis of style was an unforgettable audible experience. Pure butter. 

The second room created a more intimate experience, Peverelist, IDA and Palidrone sustained an eclectic vibe ranging from techno to acid house. We were treated to sounds that spanned the world of dance and beyond: this room was bursting with energy. 

The main room was an auditory delight. Legendary DJ duo Optimo went above and beyond expectations, bringing their renowned Optimo night from Glasgow to Fife, they created a groovy experience, jumping from funk to punk, electro, 50s swing and more. Éclair Fifi delivered an astounding set bringing the party to life for the energetic crowd. It was great to see so much female representation at the event, in light of how male dominated the music industry is. It also cannot be forgotten that all proceeds from the event went towards ‘Variety’, a charity for disabled children. 

Congratulations to the Szentek committee for an outstanding night, it was a blast.  

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