The boozy balls of St Andrews: Welly Ball edition

If there is one essential “save the date” in the St Andrews social calendar it must be the coveted Welly Ball. In aid of the Charlie Waller trust, this headline event is one of the most exclusive to be hosted at the iconic Kinkell Byre. So, if you were too slow on the Fixr tickets, not to worry, I have you covered.

I must start with a disclaimer: this is not a full review as opposed to a light-hearted commentary that I hope you can find some humour in too. This is due to the wine and – brace yourselves – can of Dragon Soop that served as my “pre drinks” for the evening. My memory is subsequently a little fuzzy. Nonetheless, joined by one of my girlfriends and our lovely boyfriends, my crusty Lamond Drive living room turned into the liveliest pub in town – where the drinks are cheap (from Aldi) and you can even request music (connect to the JBL speaker). If you thought I had secured a spot at the dinner you are sadly mistaken, but arguably the after party is the most fundamental component of this wonderful soirée.

After hopping off the bus and waiting in the sizeable coat check queue, we are met by the fairy-light adorned dancefloor. With plenty of jolly music and dancing the atmosphere was much more enjoyable than our regular 601 discoes. After skipping the bus (opting for a cab instead) then trekking across the field we were all reunited with our friends. Eventually we began to tire, and our merry evening came to an end.

You can imagine my dismay the following day as I went to compose my obligatory Instagram post and found that I did in fact look horrendous in every photo. I was even too embarrassed to send pictures to my own mother! I think we can all agree that the primary purpose of attending welly ball is for the Instagram post. Right? Feeling a little disheartened about this for a while (and being £40 down) the “professional” photos were posted on Facebook. Of course I frantically look through them to see if I am in any – alas, I was not. But, despite my lack of Instagram content, at least I got a chance to see what all the fuss was about and have fun doing so (and there is always next year)!

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