The Criterion

If you’re looking for a real pub, then The Criterion is the place for you. With popular window booths overlooking South Street, it’s a great place to have a casual pint and catch-up with friends. Frequented by a few of the local men, who want to watch the football, The Criterion is otherwise mainly inhabited by lager-drinking students. Strangely, they even let you play your own board games inside.

The Criterion, 99 South St. Open seven days a week until 12am (Sunday-Wednesday) and 1am (Thursday and Saturday).

Price range… On the pricier side for a pint or bottle of Corona.

Perfect for… drinking a pint of Guiness and discussing the moral complexities in the work of D.H. Lawrence.

Avoid if… you prefer drinking Cosmpolitans and don’t like loud football fans cheering as Scotland score a goal.

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