The Lizard

It’s a well-known fact that there are no clubs in St Andrews. Many locations around have tried and failed at attempting to create that noisy, sweaty, claustrophobic underground atmosphere that only a real club can produce. Testimony to such a failure is the long-lost MacKays (may it rest in peace) with it’s cheap beverage nights and prominently-located ‘stripper pole’.

The Lizard is the only place in town you are going to find a vaguely similar experience. With sweat dripping off the walls, good drink prices and so many people under such a low roof, it’s no doubt that many a drunken happening has been witnessed within those four walls. It is regularly hired out by student societies for its popularity and accessibility. Upstairs, The Oak Rooms has enclosed seating booths and a sophisticated bar which may be preferred by those who don’t like being pushed and shoved on the postage-stamp sized dance floor downstairs.

The Oak Room & Lizard, North Street. Open seven days a week from 10.30pm until 1am (Sunday-Wednesday) and The Lizard stays open until 2am (Thursday-Saturday) but no entry after midnight.

Entry fee: £3

Price range… Relatively cheap.

Perfect for… those like shaking their booty to Rhianna and are willing to accept The Lizard as the next-best option to a big city club.

Avoid if… you don’t like drunk people, loud music, sweat or sleazy golfers.

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