The Union

The Union is only truly busy in Fresher’s Week, or if someone famous is playing in Venue One. Apart from that, it probably won’t be your main port-of-call on a night out. Saying that, it’s perfect for the cheapest drinks in town and holding large gatherings in. It has had a recent makeover, which included ordering some very nice Orla Kiely wallpaper to brighten the place up. Beware arriving during the early evening: you may walk right into the University Challenge try-outs without knowing it!

The Union. Open seven days a week until 1am (Sunday-Wednesday) and until 2am (Thursday-Saturday).

Price range… Cheapest of the cheap!

Perfect for… large meetings, free internet and to reiterate once more, cheap drinks!

Avoid if… you are a social-butterfly looking for where it’s hip and happening.

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