This April vs Last April.

I can’t stop comparing myself right now to what I was like last April. A year ago, I would start my days with yoga. Now, I start my days with alarm snooze after snooze after snooze. A year ago, I ate super healthy and exercised for genuine benefit, but now I feel like I force myself on runs just to do something with the day. Even a year ago, apps like Houseparty were keeping me close to my friends back home, but now that it’s gone, I feel like I haven’t properly caught up with them in months. 

I’m definitely not alone in this. It’s actually really quite simple: I burnt out a bit. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a cop out, or an excuse as to why I’m… however many lectures behind, but I really am. We all are. I mean, how could we not be? With last year’s lockdown urging so many of us to put on our running shoes AND pick up our sewing needle AND become culinary genuises (mastering all of these disciplines, no less), whilst making sure we facetimed our friends every night and get our hour’s walk a day, all while in the middle of a pandemic? Yeah, I feel exhausted just remembering that.  

When you think about it, how was all of that ever going to be sustainable? Unless you’re someone who can do a million things in a day (and if you are, you have my utmost respect), it just won’t work. I tried to continue my lockdown rampage of being as productive as possible all day every day, even when things started to look a little brighter, and when I had less time on my hands due to uni work. It didn’t work.  

This precisely why I am proposing something new for myself, and for others who may be stuck in this rut too! I have reached the understanding that at the moment, life is boring. There’s not a lot to do and every small task seems giant as a result. But I still want to inject something joyous into it. One thing a day. I think that’s all it will take. Be it yoga, or a jog, or sewing, or singing, or drawing, or even just taking time to make something nice for dinner. That’s my plan. One thing a day. And I’ll never be a genius at any of these things, but I’ll enjoy them, and they won’t exhaust me, and that’s definitely what I need right now.  

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