Upcycling Seminar

Last year’s ‘On The Rocks’ innovation – a series of promo events in first semester, collectively called ‘On The Pebbles’ – has grown only more confident, with an expanded and ambitious programme. Saturday’s upcycling event was a testament to the increased importance of sustainability for the young artistic scene. In a town with so many all-important balls, parties, and dinners, with pressure to find something new to wear to each and every one of them, this event wasn’t to be missed.  

The upcycling session made good use of the Barron – not easy, considering the black box theatre can feel like an oppressively drab space. In the true spirit of On The Rocks’ style, there was an impressive light feature, woven through with flowers, which made for a great photo opportunity. Tables were laid out with embroidery, needles and graphic pens, for any one who had come along with the confidence and the artistic flair to get straight into crafting. For those like me who were unskilled at sewing (to say the least), those running the event were happy to help demonstrate how to sew a patch onto a complimentary OTR canvas bag. 

Photography: Georgia Luckhurst

As well as providing the materials and instructions to update your own clothing, there were two rails’ worth of secondhand items, none priced at more than four pounds. Going to charity shops to shop sustainably can prove difficult – you might find a hidden gem, but more often you’ll encounter the dross. The team had done an exceptional job of assembling genuinely gorgeous secondhand clothing, including a Topshop cocktail dress that had originally been priced at sixty-five pounds, and was now selling for four. 

Photography: Georgia Luckhurst

Throughout the event, the team were congenial and chatty, proving once again how justifiably proud of OTR everyone involved in the project is. It was a warm atmosphere, and one that was reflected in the loyal attendance. 

If the upcycling event is anything to go by, OTR have big plans up their sleeves for a festival that is going to be ever more environmentally-conscious and inventively scheduled. I can’t wait to see what comes next. 

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