Have a happy, haunted Halloween

Our favourite spooky holiday is going to be a bit different this October due to the current situation. This year has definitely been scary enough, but here are some ideas to make Halloween just as enjoyable as any other year, whilst staying safe.

Bobbing for Apples

My favourite Halloween game when I was younger was bobbing for apples, in which you place lots of apples in a bucket of water and try to pick them out with your teeth. For obvious reasons, only do this with your household. It’s not the most COVID-friendly game!

Costume Contest

Even though there won’t be any events like House of Horror or the Union’s Fright Night this year, you can still get dressed up and enjoy the evening with your house mates or bubble. It’s not too late to put together a last minute outfit, and I would recommend the various charity shops around St Andrews to aid you in this. Not only can you find some brilliant pieces to create a make-shift costume; you can also support a great cause.

Halloween Makeup

You can search “Halloween Makeup Tutorial” on YouTube, and so many results will come up, with videos that are both fun to watch and easy to follow. Why not try your hand at some Halloween makeup skills? Okay, maybe prosthetic scars and cuts may take some practice, but why not try create a Pop Art look, or a Vampire inspired face paint?

Pumpkin Carving 

If you take a walk down Lamond Drive you will see a multitude of pumpkins that have been carved into various faces. Morrisons’ and Aldi both sell pumpkins, and if you remove their pulp and cut a face into it, you have a perfect decoration to sit outside your front door!

Flat-Pub Crawl

This year, my flat and I have decided to have a Halloween Flat-Pub Crawl. We will each create an alcoholic drink, and put it in each room of our flat. We will then go around the rooms having the drinks, and hopefully get drunk enough to dance to “Monster Mash” without cringing at ourselves too much.

Scary Films

If you prefer a slightly more chilled out vibe this year, then why not watch some spooky Halloween films? There are some comedic films, like “The Addams Family” and “The Babysitter”, but if you can cope with the horror genre, then I would suggest “Hereditary” and “The Conjuring”. You may need to pop on the main light to watch these, though. They don’t make for easy viewing!

Midnight Walk

My last suggestion is definitely for the braver lot of you. If you’re as bored as I am of sitting inside doing lectures and not getting out much, I dare you to try a midnight walk along one of the beaches! This not only adds to the spooky vibes or Halloween, but it gets you out and about and certainly gives you an unconventional way to celebrate the holiday. Just keep your eye out for anything moving in the distance!

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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