My Christmas Top 10

When it comes to Christmas, I’m an absolute child. I’m 19 years old, but you better believe I’ll still be up at 6.30am to run around the house singing “Jingle Bell Rock” and waking up my younger brothers to start eating all the chocolate in sight. 

Sad, maybe, but if you celebrate Christmas and enjoy it too, I’m sure you can relate at least a little part of your inner child to this. Indeed, I love Christmas so much, I’ve been thinking about it all throughout these last few, mundane weeks and it’s helped a lot. I have had quite a lot of time to think, and so friends, here I present to you, my Christmas top 10:

10: Starting off at number 10 we have the classic Christmas Tree. So quintessentially Christmassy and so much fun to decorate! I really ought to shout out my flatmate, who took it upon herself to buy us a bright pink tree. Suffice to say I’m pretty excited to return home to my green one…

9: In at number 9 we have “All I Want for Christmas is You”. It’s a tune that can’t help but put you in the festive spirit, and wreck your voice when you try to hit THAT note.

8: For 8 we have mates. I love going out around the holiday times to get a bit merry with friends and I love catching up with them. Whilst that may not be an option this year, I can’t wait for Facetimes, cards and chats when exams are over.

7: Brace yourselves for this one, folks. I’m giving to 7 to brussels sprouts. I really am sorry to all, but I genuinely love these. They’re one of my favourite dishes on the table on the 25th, so you can imagine my delight when Aldi had them on offer a few weeks ago. 

6: Christmas films takes this spot. Movies like “The Polar Express” (which we watch every Christmas Eve!), “Home Alone” and “Love Actually” are my guilty pleasure during these colder weeks, even if Harry’s presence boils my blood when he’s on my screen. Karen deserved better.

5: 5 goes out to giving presents. There is no better feeling than giving someone a present and them actually enjoying it. One thing I will say though; why are dad’s so difficult to buy for? Maybe that’s just mine, who says “I don’t need anything” when I ask what he wants, but please, throw me a bone!

4: Stuffing. That’s it. That’s all I’ll say.

3: Now that we’re in the Top 3, I’d say this is getting pretty serious, and I’m going to say Christmas decorations takes this place. My mum’s never been a grinch when it comes to Christmas, but she definitely hasn’t been too liberal with what’s gone up in the house. That is until this year. I don’t quite know what the pandemic has done to her, but I Facetimed her tonight to see that she’s bought loads of lights, fake Christmas presents and a cardboard fireplace to put around the house? But hey, I’ll take it!

2: The runner-up in this Christmas Top 10 has got to be Christmas games. I always massively enjoy charades, Who am I? And the After-8 Mint game. For those of you who don’t know the latter, you place a chocolate on your forehead and contort your face until the mint falls in your mouth. Just be sure to do it quickly, because the big smear on your face isn’t the most attractive.

1: The winner for this list has to be family. I am really grateful that I’ll be spending Christmas with my parents and siblings this year, and I am looking forward to the 25th. I do just want to say quickly, that if you’re not able to make it back home for Christmas this year, and you wanted to, I’m truly sorry. I can’t imagine how hard that must be. I encourage you to Facetime your family, and try to have the best Christmas you can given the circumstances. Everything is going to get easier.To all of you readers, I hope you have a great holiday season, regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas or not. Take it easy on yourselves, enjoy your Christmas dinner, don’t worry about how much you eat, rest up and chill out. I can guarantee you’ve deserv

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