The Day Will Dawn

And when the winds come howling round,

And all your mind’s afeard;

When rain and sleet soak your skin,

And you feel that Death is near;

When foxes cry and rabbits cower

Deep in flooding dens;

And the birds are mute and the trees are bare

And nowt moves upon the glens;

When the sky is granite stone above,

Dark and hard and cold;

The Sun has lost her war to Fate,

Our mistress fierce of old;

When all around you bar their doors

And pull their shutters tight;

And snuff their candles out before

Waiting out the relentless night –

Remember this:

All winds breathe a final breath,

And rain drops a final tear.

Foxes wake and stalk the woods,

Rabbits leave their burrows dear.

The birds will soar and sing again,

Amongst trees all green and new.

The monarchs of the glen will soon run wild,

Their siege in the trees long through.

The cliff face sky will crack a smile,

And the Sun shall reclaim her throne,

As she always has and always will,

From our first to our final dawn.

Heat and light will come again,

To dry out your drenchèd soul,

And show you all the things that

Darkness swallowed whole.

So wait, dear friend, and trust that soon

The day will dawn again.

And storm and sun will come and go,

In a cycle that has no end.

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